Tips on Making Tips for Cam Models

Being a cam model can be fun, exciting, you can work at a schedule that suits you, but at the end of the day, it’s a job and your goal is to make money. 

 With CamCashDaily you will be streaming on Premium sites exclusively, where your income does not depend only on tips, but tip is a tip, and everyone likes that extra on the final amount. So, here are some tips on how to make tips 🙂 

How to get users to tip you? 

For starters, you should create a tip (gold) menu. This is a list of services you provide or things you will do and how much it costs. This way users can look and see what they can get for their money. It is also something you can refer to when users are asking how much it is for something. You can say ‘it is X amount for this, but you can also check out my tip menu and see what else I offer’. This way that user, or anyone else who did not know you had one, can go look at it. 

Using Virtual Gifts and Games 

Another thing that many models use is a Spin the Wheel. You charge a set amount of gold per spin and the user can win prizes. It can be as simple as blowing them a kiss, all the way to winning a full-length video or photoset. Whatever you’d like to offer up, you can put it on your prize wheel. This way, everyone who tips is a winner. As well, cam girls can also take advantage of the virtual gifts that viewers can send you, called wish list. You can simply ask them at the end of private or exclusive show: “Hmm, I would love a cocktail now”. Your wish is their command! Pop the balloons or open small boxes with notes inside, just after a tip. 

 Teasing is also an effective way to get some tips flowing in. Show off some skin, but not too much; keep them entranced and wanting more. You can make it seem like you are about to take something off but don’t. Do sleep shows, with interactive toys, but just to wake up for a nice, long session. 

How to react when receiving tips 

No matter the size of the tip, whether it’s 1 or 100 gold, you should always show gratitude for it. Thank them for their tip and let them know how much you appreciate it. When people feel appreciated or feel like they have helped someone, it makes them want to spend more or keep giving. Someone might have just tipped their last gold but seeing how grateful you were for it may convince them to buy more to spend on you. The person who tips you one gold is just as important as the person who tips you hundreds.  

Be grateful always for those members who come by and tip you – even the smallest amount. On slow days, those can be lifesavers. 
Be active, engaging, positive and make it fun! Not only will you start making tips as extra, but you will keep people coming back for more.  

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How to get customers to give an appropriate tip to a webcam model