How much Cammodels make? (part 2)

Major factor determining how much a webcam model makes is that amount of time they
dedicate to camming.

While the average model cams for 18 hours per week and makes just over $1,000 from doing
so, models who cam for 35+ hours per week typically make $2,500 per week or more.
On the lower end, models who cam for 5 to 10 hours per week tend to make only around $350
per week.

One of the more powerful takeaways from this data is just how viable webcam modeling is as a
full-time career. While most only cam part-time, the webcam models who treat it as a full-time
profession make over $136,500 per year on average. That’s nearly twice the median household
income in the first world countries!

Streamate comes out as the #1 choice as streaming platform, with average model earnings of
$69 per hour.

The final analysis we’ll be providing in this report is how earnings varies for webcam models
based on the type of broadcaster they are (e.g. Female vs. Male vs. Trans vs. Couples).
Overall, we found that female broadcasters spent the most time camming, and earned the most
per hour on average, resulting in female cam models earning nearly double what their male
peers make. Female models earn $1,093 per week on average, or $61 per hour, while male
models earn just $409 per week on average, or $33 per hour.
Trans broadcasters came in at #2, with earnings nearly as high as female broadcasters on
average, at $940 per week and $50 per hour.
Based on our survey data, couples seem to spend less time camming than any other
broadcaster type, and earn just $205 per week or $35 per hour on average.

Like any job, as a webcam model you will experience ups and downs. In particular, you’ll
experience it with income. Some days you’ll be well-paid very quickly, and others you may only
earn a few dollars for a long day’s work (especially when starting out). The important thing is
that you prepare yourself for the best and the worst.

Should you quit your job immediately and start working solely as a cam girl? Maybe, maybe not
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