Importance of the “Regulars”

The best Cam Model advice you can ever get is to focus on building up your regulars. They don’t happen overnight, but they definitely do happen, so think of this as a time of planting seeds. Within a couple of weeks, your efforts will be rewarded with a group of loyal regulars!

So, spend that time camming every day, and make sure you keep to your schedule. You’ll have more flexibility later, but right now you’ve got to be disciplined about it.

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is thinking that their attitude doesn’t matter as long as they’re naked, but this is exactly backwards. Your attitude is everything, and plenty of top cam girls never even GET naked!

 Be friendly! Smile pretty much all of the time, and speak in your “happy” voice. Engage your audience in conversation, discussions or games.

Be entertaining! Be that person that everyone wants to come back to, have fun and spend $$$!

Once you have gain your followers and regulars, always give them special attention and treat them nicely. Offer special discounts, send them some freebies in private chat, make them feel like a VIP constantly. Of course, by now, you should know a lot of info about them, so show interest in how is a “sick dog going” or “was the last project at work successful”.

Always try to be the best e-girlfriend ever! Because, deep down, you are xx