Streaming as a couple on the sites for Cam Models

Being a Cam Model is not just a pretty face in front of the camera. Imagination, availability to create entertaining shows and please various requests, role plays & scenarios, clothes, games, interactive toys & toys in general, are just some of the points that performers need to click off the list each time before the broadcast. Good models know that without proper planning of schedule and entertainment, success is not guaranteed, and income will not be satisfactory. 

In recent years there has been an increase in percentage of real-life couples turning to main income in Adult Industry, with couple niche being top 3 as most searched on all Sites. Here is good to mention that “Lesbian” niche (2 female streaming together) is most searched niche of all time, with huge 86% of members looking for this kind of shows. Of course, extremely high up in the search is male-female couple niche, where members are looking for the “real thing live.” 

Having “partner in crime” can help you if you have scene fright, do not know what to do and roll the online time or if you are camera shy. Shows can look more interesting, teasing can be done in all shows (free or paid), a different sort of vibe is around and in general, everyone is having fun. 

Always discuss with your partner about what you will be doing, what makes you uncomfortable and let them know your limits. As you will be working close together, be straight forward with each other. There is no space for jealousy or misunderstandings once live on camera. 

Due to the recent legal regulation’s changes, we are not able to create “couple accounts” but, once solo accounts of both parties are created and approved, models will have availability to link in between, stream from the same space or from the separate locations. Money will be sent (Daily) to the hosting account and rates will be applied as per hosting account set up. 

For any further clarifications and help, please reach out to one of our support agents at [email protected] 

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