How much do cam girls really make?

How much do cam girls really make?

So much is written online about how much webcam models, and cam girls in particular, make each day, week and month but these numbers are all different. So how do you know what is really true? Well, today we have decided to let you know exactly how much our webcam models earn.

Our top webcam model earnings

First of all it is worth noting that there is a big difference between what top cam girls earn and what the average webcam model earns. With that said, here are our real-life numbers:

in a given week, our top model averaged $164 per hour on our site (her cut). She worked part time hours and made over $3,000 in just ONE WEEK, which was paid straight to her bank account.

Our average webcam model earnings

If we look at all our cam model’s earnings combined then the average was $31.53 per hour that they appeared on the webcam site (per model). This includes all our models from those who do not yet have their equipment properly set up to those who log on and make great money every day.

What can we say about webcam model earnings?

On average, and taking total model earnings as a base point, a webcam model appearing on our webcam network can expect to make $31.53 for every hour that they log on.

  • For an average cam model working 8 hours per day that means earning $252.24 per day.
  • For an average cam model working 40 hours per week that means earning $1,261 per week.
  • For an average can model working 20 days per month that means earning $5,084 per month.
  • That gives an average webcam model salary of $61,000 per year.

How to become a top webcam model

The difference between the $31.53/hour webcam model earnings and the $164/hour top camgirl earnings is pretty big, but we have some tips for how to make more than the average model and get up towards top webcam model status:

  1. Always use your microphone to talk to viewers in free chat. Typing doesn’t engage your viewers in the same way as your voice.
  2. Put your camera on a flat, stable surface and don’t move it. Any shaky camera effects just make your viewers feel dizzy and leave.
  3. Have lighting in front of you, facing you, rather than from behind. This helps your viewers see you in your best light.
  4. Smile! Even if you are having a bad day, try to smile and laugh. If you look like you are having a good time on cam then your viewers are much more likely to want to share that time with you.
  5. Log on as much as you can. Viewers love to see the same models time and time again. Once a viewer has picked you as a favorite they are going to want to see you as often as possible. Make sure you are online as often as you can so they keep being reminded of you and enter your room to say ‘hi’.

If you follow these tips, and all the guidance we give you once you have signed up on our network, then we would expect your average earnings to be anywhere from between $50/hour and $100/hour. So, it’s really worth following all the guidance!