CamModel Features: Cam2Cam

Cam2Cam let members show you their own live video during a paid show so they can interact with you more directly. Use this opportunity to engage on a deeper and personal level, give compliments, ask questions, show interest in their desires. Statistics show that performances with C2C last 38% longer. 

How does it work? 

Members need to initiate this feature. It cannot be done from the Model’s dashboard. A message will pop up on your screen and you can reject the request if you are not interested. If you accept or the timer of 10 secs runs out, the Cam2Cam session will start. If the member has a mic connected, you will be able to hear and chat with them right away. Do not forget, there is a mute button, so you can only see them, but not hear them, an option that can be monetized. Extra tips if you would like to be heard, Sir. 

It is up to you when to accept a Cam2Cam stream, and you can end Cam2Cam at any time. 

Cam2Cam is a fantastic way to enhance a one-on-one chat with a member and to pass some time during the 30 second preview.  
“So do you have a cam, as I would love to be able to see how much you enjoy the show?” can be one of your opening lines. Many members love this extra attention! If you are in a paid chat with more than one member, you may want to avoid Cam2Cam if you think others will feel left out. If you only want to accept Cam2Cam in certain show types, you can let viewers know by adding that info to your public profile.  

If you enjoy doing Cam2Cam, mention it in your Bio. Teasing lines, such as ” I want to look into your eyes” remove all barriers immediately, and members know from the start that good show is quarantined. 

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