How much Cam Models (really) make?

Don’t you all just love statistics? To know how much new Cam Models make, seniors, what is average earning per hour/week/year, how many hours top earners spend online etc. Statistics in this article are 100% real numbers, from various surveys starting October 2020 until October 2021.

We did some research and results will blow you away (especially if you are still not sure if this job is right for you, legit or pays well) 

How much a cam girl makes varies based on the amount of experience a cam model has, how much time they dedicate to camming, and a variety of other factors (such as quality of the stream, lighting, personality, passion, interest). 

The average webcam model earns $1,043 per week from an 18-hour work during week

The top-earning cam models in the United States earn as much as $6,000 per week, while beginner cam models can earn as little as $100 per week

When we adjust for the different amounts of time each model dedicates to camming, the average cam model earns $58.77 per hour spent broadcasting. Hourly earnings for cam models vary widely as well, with top models raking in as much as $315.00 per hour, while the lowest-earning models average as little as $4.70 per hour

The biggest driver of how much a cam model earns is their level of experience. Unsurprisingly, the more years of experience a model has, the more they tend to make. 

New cam models with less than 1 year of experience make $804 per week on average, or $43 per hour. The most experienced models with 5+ years of camming under their belt earn nearly three times as much, raking in $2,875 per week or $103 per hour on average. 

This is an encouraging result. If you’re a new cam model and feel like you’re struggling to earn as much as you’d like, you’re not alone. Stick with it and know you’ll get better and earn more over time! 

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