Staying valuable as a Cam Model 

Logo “Be your own Boss” gives you so much stability in the income, but at the same time, flexibility in working hours and in your schedule.  

Remember that now, you will not get your salary at the end of the month from your employer. You are responsible for your income, and here is your opportunity to make your dreams come true. 

First, I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions. 

Is this going to be a full-time job, where I will dedicate at least 5 days per week and try to reach 40 hours? For how long am I planning on working? Or just a part time job for next year’s vacations and that new car? Depending on what your answer is, set your mind-set to do it correctly. But do it. Get online and broadcast. Make that income. Set your targets.  

If you have ever worked in the office, you know the drill. Wake up, get ready, drink coffee, drop kids off to school and straight to the office. Even if you work from home, you should still try to keep your working habits as you did with your previous employment. Set schedule. Block hours that you stream as DND (do not disturb) time, so, before you get online, kids are safe and sound for the next couple of hours, pets are playing in another room, food is cooked, notifications muted, all is done. Put your “acting suit” and play your role, entertain, work for your money, build relationships with potential regulars, create. Be present. 

For the senior models, try to keep notes from a successful session. What was your room theme? What were you wearing? Role plays and scenarios you used? You can repeat them again in a couple of weeks, but make sure that you do not get stuck on one show and keep it monotonous for ages. Use your imagination, or situations from everyday life, watch other models within your niche and gain inspiration for your shows.  

Be unique. Another motto we use very often. Stay true to yourself and do things that you can fully support. Always add touch of you, cheeky smile, or clap of the hands- make it magical and get under their skin.  

You can do it. Because, once you have everything organized, work will go smoothly and productively, you will start making such a good money that all your dreams will turn into reality. 

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