Tips on how to extend duration of the paid shows

Don’t always assume that as soon you get into “paid per minute” shows, you need to get naked and get over with it. Don’t miss the whole thing of getting to know your customer and building a relationship that “he” was always dreaming of having. 

Tip no.1 

When you forge the relationship with your customer, he may come back many times and spend his money on you. The more you know about him, the more you can keep them engaged and enjoy your company. Once you have created good connection, you can talk about their day, their likes or dislikes, music, food, sports, movies, kinks, and this makes them at easy and happy, but as well time goes by so quickly 😊 

Tip no.2  

..and here we will talk about you showing your entertaining personality. Be bubbly, bright, caring, and warm. Ask them open-ended questions (what do you like about my body?), give them compliments (everybody adores compliments), encourage, support, and give all your attention (don’t answer phone calls or messages in the middle of a private or exclusive chat). If possible, request C2C, make it more realistic, say that you want to look into their eyes when reaching the orgasm. As well ask them for their real name to create more stronger connection. Call their name, but do not overdo it and make it look and sound fake. 

Tip no.3 

Basically, members want you to be interested in them. Some of them feel lonely and save their money to communicate with attractive female. Try to win him as a friend, make him feel better about himself. He will be coming back to you even if he is not horny, just because it was fun and relaxing. Ask him to allow you to know him better, to be your e-boyfriend (giggles) 

Tip no.4 
Move slowly, sensually. Crawl into sexy position. Do some stretching. Use slow hand movements up and down your body. Shake your heaps. Pull your hair up or leave it loose and flip it on one side. Keep eye contact with the camera. The more natural and authentic you are, the longer they will stay and enjoy your company. 

Tip no.5

If you feel down and not in the mood for live stream, just take a day off and chill. If you do not want to be there, your customer won’t either. You will not be in the mood to hold privates, your energy will be low, and that will not be attractive for users. Recharge your batteries and come back to break some more hearts x 

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