Webcam models are making all this money and don’t even have to be nude.

Webcam models are making all this money and don’t even have to be nude.

Webcamming with as non-nude webcam model, and still making huge earnings

Many persons out there associate webcam modeling directly with nudity and sexual favors. On CamCashDaily we have noticed non-nude webcam models making huge amounts of CASH!

Many people underestimate the power of psychology in the webcam industry. Your webcam viewers want interaction, whether it’s by speaking and/or by chatting in your webcam room. Some viewers might just want a listening ear or someone to talk to, THE opportunity to go private and make that serious money. A bikini webcam model, can make good money by offering those qualities and looking beautiful of course.

Other viewers might have unique requests, like Financial Domination, small penis humiliation, cock and balls torture, etc. These are great topics for private webcam chat! A tip, understand your webcam audience. If done right, like the viewer desires, they will be coming back for more and even more.

There is so much nude online for free, but experienced webcam models know that it’s about entertaining your fans, making them happy and they will gladly pay you. Some will even stay hours with you, because you listen to them, you talk to them, you are nice to them, they love your smile and your attention.

Other ways of making money as a webcam model are:

  • Ask for tips!!!
  • Sell your photo’s and video’s online to your fans. All you have to do is tell your fans and kindly ask them to buy your non-nudes;
  • Be entertaining! We have seen models being so creative by interacting with their fans, by for example setting goals! An example when you have an audience that loves feet fetish, tell them you will show your feet after reaching a specific amount in tips. You will be amazed to see how entertaining people makes you that money;
  • And always try to GO PRIVATE, unless amazing amounts of tips are coming in.

With nudity you can make quick money, but with courtship and entertainment you will keep making money.

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