Cam Models & Social Media Marketing

Social media within Adult Industry is designed to be eye-catching and to “sell “.  
In here we will talk about certain types of content and layouts that will be more provoking and attractive to customers, but as well we will mention some negative factors, that most of the models post unintentionally, and eventually backfires.  

Anything you post is up to interpretation and discussion by the viewers.  
You can easily decide what “kind of model niche” you are by what you decide to post on Socials. 

For example, a model who posts a selfie with a headset on and controller in her hand will draw in customers who like “gamer girls.” Or model who posts her new Cosplay costume, will attract lovers of Cosplay. But, if you add to your post even a small sticker, saying, I VOTED, you can easily disturb the balance, as you will most probably get engaged in the political discussion, which depending on your political views and the potential customers’ political views could end very negatively. 

 The whole point is to stay true to your original niche, but as well to open to more general acceptance, to not take sides, to not argue, to keep it professional. Show your amazing, entertaining personality by posting images and videos full of light, colors, positivity, sexy smiles, curves etc. 
Next in our photo tips is the quality, and what customers will assume based on it. Constantly posting photos of poor quality will lead customers to think that your equipment is not of good quality, so their purchase will be in the same. The quality you sell in should be the quality that you are advertising in. Posting only “duds” to social media can sometimes creative a negative idea in the potential customers minds that you do not care about how you appear to others and that your content is not worth buying.  

While you obviously should not be giving away anything for free that is worth buying, you can creatively avoid that while advertising your excellent quality content as teasers. 

Don’t forget photos layout, as it is an especially important factor in advertising.  
The way that Social Media platforms sort your photos when you post them can sometime focus in on things that are not meant to be the primary focus of the photo. Twitter has a landscape layout, while Instagram and Facebook portrait. When it comes to posting photos the most eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing ways are to post one photo in landscape, two photos in portrait, or one photo in portrait and two in landscape. When organized in that way specifically, it is more visually appealing, and will not awkwardly crop the photos. 

Marketing messages (captions written on the content) can also be very eye-catching, but many models make the mistake of putting all the writing over their photos rather than as a caption/description. 
Words that are on top of photos are harder to read, and if you do not contrast colors correctly it can be sore on the eyes. The best way to market your deals with photos is to put most of the deal within the caption, or create a separate graphic that is not cluttered to advertise it 

 Even if you create a separate graphic for your marketing, you should still put the main points within the caption, direct clickable links and time that you will be online next. Use hashtags, tag your streaming platform or friend with huge following. 
Being active on social media plays a huge role in your success. Engage with other models, follow groups of your niche, like, retweet, comment, and post daily. Be kind to your followers, send them free image (s) sometimes in DM, invite them to your live shows. Show them how amazing and talented Cam model you are.