How to increase your webcam model earnings.

How to increase your webcam model earnings.

Cam girl earnings:

From $50/hour to $150/hour. The simple 5 step guide to making more money as a webcam model.

One of the questions I get asked most often is how to make more money as a cam model. The thing is, it’s actually really easy to make a few changes which will greatly increase your earnings on webcam.

We recently published our exact numbers on how much cam models really make. The average cam model will make around $31/hour whereas a top camgirl will make over $150/hour. So what makes the difference?

Here are our 5 steps to easily increase your webcam earnings starting today:

1. Use audio.

This is probably the biggest factor we see. Models who talk in free chat using their mic tend to make around 4 times (YES FOUR TIMES) the money per hour that webcam models who just type make.

2 Fix your lighting.

You don’t need an expensive studio lighting setup to enhance your webcam earnings, but taking care in how you place your lights can really help. Make sure the light is in front of you and pointing at you. Put the light behind and above the camera and face it. Yes, you need to make sure you aren’t blinded by it but this really is the best way to improve how your webcam stream looks. Lighting from behind just puts you in shadow. This is especially bad when there is a window behind you. If there is, close the blinds!

3 Keep your camera still.

Really, don’t move it. If you place your laptop on your bed and then have your webcam on top it will be really shaky (especially if you then start typing on it!). Even the tiniest camera movements can make the image unbearable for the viewer. Put whatever has your cam on it onto a solid hard surface like a table instead.

4 Log in consistently.

If you get online 20 hours or more each week then your viewers will start getting used to you working on cam and will become your regular webcam clients. Working as a cam model is all about building ‘relationships’ with your viewers so they are much more likely to spend time with you if they know they can do so regularly.

5 Smile and laugh.

This might actually be the most important tip for higher webcam earnings. If you smile your viewer will naturally smile back. If you laugh, they will feel happy too. Humans are really good at reflecting the emotions of those they are around. If you look moody and irritated then they aren’t going to feel good in your room and won’t want to hang around. Give out positive vibes and your viewers will enjoy being in your cam room and will want to stay (and pay)!