Set your webcamming schedule & BE ON TIME!

Set your webcamming schedule & BE ON TIME!

As a model you have all the freedom of working the hours you want and you get Paid Daily. You really are your own boss!

Create a schedule because your time and effort determines the money you can make at your pace!

Creating your Schedule 

When you are approved to start streaming on the webcam platform, one of the first things is to set up a schedule and follow true! Follow true on the starting time and end time of your streaming schedule. 

Analyze the best Streaming Times

Analyzing when your clients are online and when there is allot of traffic on the cam site should be your priority now. Also take in consideration the timezone differences from your clients abroad.

Involve your Clients

Be on time! That’s the most important thing. Especially in European countries clients are punctual on time. If you are late, clients possibly have moved on to another model. Ask your clients to follow you (“Get Notifications”) and give you likes for the skills they like about you. This will go allot easier, if you where on time. Also regulate your schedule to be consequent on all of your streaming days.

Would it not be funny if you enter your room and your clients are waiting there for you to come on. And you are on time and they are ready to spend. All you have to do is ASK! 

Also inform your clients at what time you will be back tomorrow. Preferably the same time, so it is easy for them to remember. If you start earlier, not a problem at all. You will make more money and be on time. Live up to your end of the deal and stay there for the entire schedule!

And remember: the more time and effort you put in, the more success you will have.