Model Testimonials

Take your time to read some of the testimonials from our models.
CamCashDaily can really change your life and make you financially independent. For many models it was the best decision to start with CamCashDaily.

I have been a cam model for 13 years and have been working with CamCashDaily for over 8 months and I can say it is The Best Ever. Money daily, great assistance, super team BEST!

I have been with CCD 8 months. Changed my life. So caring. We have an amazing supportive team. We all work together to help each other. Amazing environment. Couldn’t be luckier to be in the position I am In now due to CCD.
Thank you x

We joined CCD 5years ago, from the day we started our lives changed for the better, we found something amazing and continue to count our blessings for it every single day, every year our earnings get better along with the support and community within CamCashDaily. We have never had any issues with our pay, our questions and concerns are answered quickly and with genuine attention and care. The CCD team strive to help you reach your maximum success and offer the best start up help any new cam model could ask for or find with their weekly webinars and constant support. We would never want to be without them!

I appreciate you so much you have no idea!!! You are the best thank you so much xoxoxoxo

Best, best, best – attention to every model individually, helping with any problem immediately, couldn’t be happier! Thank you

I don’t cam full time and I’m not on a regular schedule which is frustrating as I know it impacts negatively on my earnings potential. Payments are always made in full and on time – I’ve never experienced any problems with payments. Support and Sanita are amazing.

I have no idea how I stumbled upon the cam cash application, but I am Soo thankful I did. It was a few months ago, I believe the beginning of May. It wasn’t very long after filling out the app that I got a congratulations email. My first thought was to go check out the layout of the page and how everything functioned. Easy breezy, I thought. Next thought, where are the other models? I only watched four, but my stomach turned. They were so much sexier than me and a lot freakier too. I thought, “what’s the point”. I did not look back at it until about mid-June. I got on just out of burden and I had streamed on other social networking sites before and thought I would just have some conversation. Man, I wish I would get out of my way sometimes. The support and love I have gotten almost brings me to tears. The body positivity, the fun, and of course the money. Last week, I said I am going to try to be consistent and have some fun with it. I made 1100$ and I hit the leader board and the bosses as if adding up another $400 on that! I get paid every day of the week and I’m exploring so etching I did not know about myself and things I never knew existed. I wish I had started a lot sooner. So, if you are like me and thinking, this sounds awesome but i cannot pull it off, just do it anyways because it is a lie! You are hot and different and there is always room for a new show!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you CamcashDaily team for the experience, and I hope I have many more to come with you!

I am pretty new to cam modelling and wasn’t sure what to expect; I found Cam Cash Daily after I had already signed up with a different studio but hadn’t started streaming yet. so I closed the account and waited for the time needed from closure to start with Cam Cash. It was 100% worth it! What first attracted me… well besides, “DAILY PAY!” was their CCD Campus where weekly zoom meetings are held offering training and advice on various topics with the #1 goal being their models’ success. Being a new model, I was unsure where to begin, or what to do so that was an attractive perk for me, along with a private group for the models to share ideas and ask/answer questions..The admin support, our lovely model manager Sanita and Andy all work so hard and it’s apparent they genuinely care for their models and the successes they have. I recommend Cam Cash to Everyone but if your new to cam modelling, I definitely recommend you give this a shot- I promise you won’t be sorry!

Reese D
I love working on cam cash!! I have worked on other sites, and this has by far been my favorite. The income Is steady and stable, and the team is amazing!  Sanita the model manager, is amazing, and I love the support she provides. 

Camcashdaily is one of the best modeling agencies in the cam field.  When I started a year ago, I didn’t know where to begin. I found CCD from google and I’m so glad I did. They give their models the support they need when first starting as well as continued coaching for the more senior models. Two times a week they have educational webinars that include the head of the modelling department as well as senior models with working experience, this gives not only helpful tips but a sense of community. If any problems arise while working, CCD is always on top of it to help and to be a liaison between you and the sites they use as streaming partners. Finally, they pay you out daily, a lot of other sites pay you weekly or biweekly but with CCD you get paid weekday, daily.