Personality and attitude: How to deal with difficult, rude and demanding members?

As a Cam Model, it is always ok to say NO. 

It can be difficult for models to say “no” in any variety of situations, a fact which members sometimes unfortunately take advantage of. Some people have little empathy, and models can feel abused and violated even if they have no physical contact with the aggressor. We heard many stories of models resigning because they felt “dirty” or reduced to tears because aggressive members sexually violated them. 

While a member might say, “You do what I want you to do, as I am paying” , model may be uneducated about how she can protect herself or she may be afraid of the member (many members will threaten to attack, stalk, report a model, give low ratings, or otherwise harm a model who does not comply to their wishes), or in most cases, she may be desperate for money , unfortunately she will proceed with his request. 

Members certainly do look for inexperienced or uncertain-looking models and attempt to manipulate or force them into sexual acts that the woman would otherwise never perform. And when put on the spot, models often panic when faced with a forceful member. 

  • Understand the rules! Understand what you can and cannot do and understand what will get you in trouble. When a member says, “you will get your account banned unless you do this for me,” you should always answer that your account will get closed if you DO what he is asking you to do. 
  • Remember, you can turn off the computer. If a situation becomes overwhelming, close your browser, turn off the screen and walk away for a while. Try to relax, have some time alone to clear your head, and only if you are back in a good positive mood, get online. 
  • If you are uncomfortable with submitting to sexual acts that you hate for money, do not comply just because you need the money. You can feel bad about yourself after. 
  • You are never required to justify yourself. Members who ask for the reason you said “no” are planning to argue with you further. 
  • Sometimes high spenders that are very friendly in general will ask for freebies or personal info. Do not be afraid or ashamed to be paid for your services, you are working for a premium site and time is money. Giving personal info out-big NO! 
  • There is a magic BLOCK button. Feel free to use it when appropriate. 

If, as a model, you encounter any request which you know you are not going to do, it is unfair to the member to lead them on or refuse to give them a direct answer. Telling the member “No” in a direct manner is often the best policy. 

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