Cam Models frequently asked questions

Can I make money online without showing my face?

This question is asked very often, as models are worried to not be recognized by family members or friends online, and my honest answer would be no, it is extremely hard, and especially in the paid shows. 

First, it is difficult to connect with people if you do not show your face, and a lot of the time, tips and paid shows come from connecting with your audience. This is especially important if you choose to be non-explicit (not showing any nudity in free chat). Members like eye contact on C2C, juicy lips whispering sweet nothings, big smile to welcome them on. 

You will always have the option to block certain areas (city, regions, states, even countries). Play with different make up styles, use nice wigs, glasses or eyes mask can help you in hiding your true facial characteristics. 

Can I add my partner to my account, or do we need to create a new couple account?

This decision is up to you. You can add a performer to your already active account, or if you would like to stream most of the time with that person, feel free to complete the new model application ( account type: Couple.
Remember, on the couple account, 96% of the time you will need to be streaming together.

What is the best streaming time?

Traffic is buzzing 24/7, worldwide, so ask yourself, what is the best time to stream, without any interruptions? Set your own schedule, test, if not buzzy, move couple of hours forward, test again. You will manage to find your perfect time for streaming. Buzziest time is from 7 PM-12 PM daily, worldwide.

With CamCashDaily, you have freedom of streaming at any time that fits your schedule. We will never ask you to stream x number of hours. All we ask from you is to provide good quality entertainment while broadcasting.

Can I close my account at any time?

Absolutely. Just make sure that your payment balance is 0, and there is no pending amount lower than minimum threshold amount for your region. Also, you are always welcome to come back.

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