Power of the words and dirty talk 

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity

The words you speak to others can leave a significant impact and create a lasting memory.  

Let us start with some statistics and say that CamCashDaily studio’s top earners are highly communicative models. Very chatty, sociable, with great sense of humor but as well ability to discuss about any subject. It is good to mention that in order to become successful as a Cam Model you do not need to have perfect body/hair or modified body parts. Times changed, and friendly personality is more searched for than “Barbi” model without ability to entertain verbally and make user come back again.  

If you are gifted to easily engage in discussions and conversations with people around you, you will have more chances to be very much “favored” on the site. As well, “naughty” imagination can create you into “Seductive Mistress” and take sexual experience to the new level. We all have our inner voice; once you find that courage to whisper (or shout) all this sweet and sexy nothing to your users, you will understand how powerful words can be. Keep on talking, even if there is no one in the room, share fantasies, true stories, read erotic novels. 

Grow their egos with compliments on how “amazing “they make you feel, how you can almost feel their hands on your body, breathe deeply, inhale and make short breaks because “you want this so bad,” move closer and look directly to the camera and whisper how “you feel all aroused”, bite your lips, play with your hair. Most of these actions come naturally, but you can practice by recording yourself and watching/improving the acts. 

Giving them the impression that there is no taboo, that you can understand and execute their requests with graceful ease, plus talking about anything with exact tone that is needed in the certain situation, will make you top Cam Model in no time. Tell them exactly what they want to hear because your words have power at that exact moment. 

For more tips on how to grow as a Cam Model, watch our YouTube videos, recorded for you by our top models and managers.