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Fact: we are living in challenging times, survival is becoming harder every day, bills are higher, jobs are closing. This is a dark reality that we do not want to go deep into but want to send you a message of hope and goodwill. 
So, here is a fairytale, real life story of one of our Models. This is not a Marketing trick to sell the product, our story is a message we want to share with all individuals, out there, who are struggling but, as long there is an initiative, will to make money and internet connection, there is pretty much cool job in here that you can make a lot of money with, while working at your own schedule. 

Meli* joined CamCashDaily in the beginning of November, super new in the industry. She is a single parent with 6 kids. Out of thousands of models that we communicate daily, she caught our attention as being very polite and with this biggest and brightest smile ever. There was something about her eyes that was telling me that she was not ok. In one of our 1-1 sessions, that CamCashDaily team offers to all Cam Models, she opened up and told me that she will get homeless by the end of the week, and she needs to provide shelter for her kids. She was willing to learn as much as possible, she was sewing all these costumes, she was eager to get her account approved as soon as possible. She set a target: deposit  and rent for a small 2-bedroom apartment, by the end of that week. 

She got approved, and when I logged in to see how she goes at her premiere, I could not recognize her. She transformed into this online persona, Diva, her personality was shining through the lenses, she was so polite and friendly to all users, joking, singing, listening. Members were mesmerized by her “girl next door attitude” with pinch of sexiness and veil of amazing personality. She was working on it. She has kids to feed, she needs a house, so she took this job seriously, with the heart of a tiger, but gently as a snowflake from outside. 
She made amazing money that night. And every time she went online again. Meli loves her job, she likes the idea of meeting people from all over the world, discussions, making actual friends. 

 She is on our top 5 models list, her earnings until today, 1 month and 2 weeks after she got approved, are touching 15K USD.  

Yep, this is a true story! She is going to have sparkly  Xmass dinner with her children, in her apartment, with lot of presents under the tree. She grabbed the opportunity that was given to her, and she is living the fairytale. 

Note that Meli is just one of many models who are finally financially independent after joining our team. We pay daily, once the threshold amount is reached, so you are more comfortable in any way. 
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