Personality and attitude: Cam Model / Member relationship 

Before we get into full discussion about the relationship that you, as a Cam Model, should build with your clients, let us clarify who these individuals are in the first place. 

Members deliberately seek out a website(s) where they must pay for personal attention. They are not human ATM machines, they do have feelings and emotions, most of the time they feel lonely and very vulnerable, or this is the only way that attractive female or male can talk or share some intimate moments with them. So please handle with care, be polite and understanding but, on the other hand if you face rudeness or bullying, report, and block. 

The biggest piece of advice is to be clear, honest, and straightforward from the beginning. You will never share your personal information, real name, phone number or snapchat. It is because you want to protect your privacy and identity and it is against the Company rules.  

Also, you will not meet up in person or arrange actual physical meetings. If you are interested in escort services, there are many websites that support this niche. 

And you DO NOT provide free services. You are paid per minute, so all monetization actions should take place in private or exclusive shows. 
 Even if they build friendly relationship with you, always nicely explain that this is your job, this is how you pay for your bills or feed your family, so “No money-no honey, baby.” 

A big issue, which many people often do not consider, is interacting with members and clients as a professional while not being cold, rude, or calculated – or, on the other extreme, whiny, needy, or unprofessional. Try not to reach any of these 2 extremes. Keep your cool, do not complain to them that, for example, there is no traffic, or you hate your job or previous visitor was dumb. Results will be devastating, your energy will not make them feel sorry, on the contrary, they will never come back. 

Most models agree that they can be good friends with members. They will share desires, secrets and come to talk even if they are not horny. This is the best scenario. Members will always search for someone who is having positive attitude and who will give them attention.  

As we always advise our new models, personality plays a huge role in the Camming job. If you are a chatty, sociable, and friendly person in general, this job will be a perfect fit for you. Members should become friends with your online persona, as bigger the circle, incomes are higher. 

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