How to Become a Non-Nude Webcam Model

How to Become a Non-Nude Webcam Model

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how you can become a camgirl or camguy and work on webcam without getting naked.

The truth is, on average (but not always), nude cam models tend to earn more than non-nude cam models. With that being said, there is still plenty of demand for non-nude cam models and if you do it right you can earn a great cam model salary. In fact, there are some very successful non-nude camgirls earning well over $100 per hour online.

So, what are the options as a non-nude cam webcam model?

  1. Become a non-nude bikini webcam model
  2. Become a fetish webcam model

How to become a non-nude bikini model

Well, the first step is obviously to sign up here to become a webcam model. After that, you complete the process as normal (guided by us).

Once your webcam account is up and running, the best thing to do is to set your room topic and profile to include a description saying that you prefer not to get naked and will enjoy chatting, dancing, speaking and modeling for your viewers.

For the first few weeks you will find that you don’t get as many paid sessions as you might have done if you were a nude cam model. However, this will even out over time as you build up your regular fan base of viewers who love you as a non-nude webcam model.

When you are online it is important to smile and engage with your viewers. Our general tips for increasing your webcam model earnings apply just as much as they do to all webcam models, but for non-nude webcam models particularly it is really important to use your voice and to give off a positive, happy vibe in your room. Entertain your viewers by interacting with them. Viewers will spend money on feeling good, and if you are giving out negative, moody vibes then they will not feel good in your cam room. On the other hand, if you are smiling, laughing and giving the impression that you are having fun (even if this is ‘acting’) then they will feel good around you and be more inclined to spend money on spending time with you.

In terms of what to ‘do’ on webcam as a non-nude webcam model you have lots of options. For a few ideas you may consider showing off in various outfits (think role-playing a naughty nurse or teacher) or modeling different underwear styles. You will find that viewers will come to you with all sorts of non-nude requests. These may range from balloon-popping (yes really), to chatting about your favorite tv shows. If you enjoy dancing, dance. If you enjoy smoking, offer smoking shows. There is a viewer for everything.

How to become a non-nude fetish model

Some viewers may ask you to talk to them about specific fetish fantasies. If you are comfortable doing so then you may wish to include a description in your profile that you enjoy fetish webcam chats.

There is a massive range of fetishes that you can engage with once you become a fetish webcam model. This can be as simple as providing a detailed commentary what you would like to see your viewer doing, including instructions on how your viewer should touch himself.

It can also be incredibly lucrative to set yourself up as a domme cam model, dominatrix cam model or or webcam ‘mistress’. You might buy some props including leather, latex ore wetlook outfits and maybe even some props to actually ‘use’ when you are in your chat room, such as paddles, whips, Lovence toys, etc.

Some more ‘specific’ fetish webcam chats you could have include:

  • Foot fetish (very common);
  • Ass worship;
  • Edging (where you take your viewer to the point of orgasm and then back over and over);
  • Tease and Denial;
  • BDSM play;
  • Financial Domination, findom, where you order the viewer to give you more money (yes, this is a thing);
  • Cock and balls torture;
  • Cum eating instruction;
  • Small penis humiliation;
  • Heels;
  • Stockings;
  • Tights/pantyhose.

These are just a few of the requests you might get if you choose to become a non-nude fetish webcam model. Really the list is endless and just depends on your, and your viewer’s, imagination!

Once you have decided that you want to become a webcam model, whether nude or not, please sign up here and then take a look at our tips to become a successful webcam model.

If you still haven’t decided whether to become a webcam model or not, why not take a look at our average webcam model earnings and top camgirl earnings to see if that helps make your mind up!

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