Best Outfits Ideas for Cam Models

Let’s talk about fashion, and how to look stylish and at the same time inviting on camera. This guide will give you the ideas that can help you spice up your shows, and help you make more money. 

Full nudity in the free chat is not allowed and this is rule no.1. Some models like to go topples from the beginning, wearing just undies and already showing their bodies to the audience, act that can pay off very well (as some of our top sellers are performing topless from the beginning) or models who will not show even an elbow in the free chat, again, decision fully supported from our side.  

Whatever your niche is, try to support it with your outfit. Have in mind, you are not going out for grocery shopping, you are working as an online entertainer, so dress up to look sexy and desirable. Your clothes need to be suitable for the camera, they need to accentuate the beauty of the body, room theme and make the customers interested from the first time. Choose the right clothes colors that flatter your skin tone, and you will stand out in a crowd. In contrast, clothing in colors that do not match your skin tone result in your hair and skin looking dull or even sickly with all lights on camera. By now you should know what colors suit you well… 

Most popular Cam Models garments are: 

  • Skirts 
  • shorts 
  • Crop top 
  • Short, tight dresses 
  • Sexy Lingerie (baby-dolls/bodice/bustiers/camisoles/corsets/G-strings, tongs, tangas, Brazilian) 
  • Knee-high socks 
  • Silky, shiny, or colorful hose panties 
  • Scarfs /gloves/eye-masks 
  • high heels / Knee-high boots 
  • Fantasy outfits (French maid/sexy nurse, cosplay/anime /policewoman/naughty teacher/ fairytales characters) 
  • Domina outfit 
  • Athletic gear 

If you are just starting your journey as a model, you need to know some essential tips about your outfits.  

  • Always take photos wearing your outfits before getting online live. Not all outfits will be able to make it through a day of hardcore camming. It’s best to take promotional picture shots while they still look fresh, rather than after they have been used in multiple shows. Your number one goal with any outfit should be to make you look good. If the outfit doesn’t look as hot as you expected it to be, just return it. It’s better to get a refund and spend your money on a worthwhile outfit. 
  • Remember to accessorize. Whether it is a hat, bracelets, shoes, or the right stockings, adding those little touches makes an enormous difference in how well you look on camera. An outfit without accessories is not an outfit; it is just some clothing. You need that extra bit to pull it all together. Even topless, wear high heels! We all know how magical high heels are. Longer legs, higher derriere, close to the clouds feeling. Woman wearing high heels shows 78% more confidence than woman wearing flip-flops. Imagine! Gloves made of lace, long earrings, and a nice scarf around the neck will for sure catch the attention of any user that comes to view your show. 

The best way to work your outfits is to get creative, or even artistic, with your looks. Camming is an art, not a science! 

Have multiple ideas in mind when it comes to using your outfits. Strip shows work with every outfit, shorts or short skirts are perfect for dance shows. With sexy lingerie, you can play “tease and denial,” while with cosplay you will act accordingly to the persona. Do not forget, you are the face of your Brand, try to represent it well, giving attention to every detail, planning well each show, making small investments in good equipment, toys, or sexy outfits. 

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