Rise of plastic surgeries in the Cam Industry

There is a myth between new models and more senior performers that if you have bigger breasts, lips, or buttocks, your earnings will be higher, and you will attract more audiences and spenders.

We did our little research, and here are some points that show that the myth mentioned above will stay a myth, and reality is very different.

Why do users come to spend money on your shows and performances when they can find free adult entertainment almost everywhere on the internet?

Maybe it is something more profound than nudity and the performance of the sexual act?

Definitely! By having an open poll questionary, 58% of users stated that the connection they felt with the model did not have anything to do with the model’s appearance.

The connection is being formed on different levels, for example:

a.) Model made them feel comfortable speaking about taboo subjects

b.) The model engaged in conversations about life and showed genuine care

c.) Models personality was larger than life

d.) The model’s smile was welcoming and warm

e.) The model made them laugh hard, chatty and easy to speak to

f.)The model was Dominatrix Goddess, and she was so good at it.

g.) The model was in the Cosplay niche, and her costumes and performances were extraordinary

Users mentioned attraction to sexy lips, but only 0.4% of 3268 users participated in this poll research survey. When we say sexy, it means having well-defined, plump lips proportionately with your overall face.

When it comes to physical appearances, which does not come as a surprise, any body type has an equivalent number of searching traffic.

So, petite or BBW, short or tall, white or black, blonde or brunette, small chest or double E’s, if you don’t have a personality to get the show going, there is a slight chance that you can monetize in this business. Guys look for a matching character, good category or niche, and easy chat after a hard day at work—simple as that, but a significant fact.

Still, if you always wanted to have your breasts done and have been saving for ages, that is understandable. Go for it, but choose a suitable and proportional size that fits your figure and body type.
Remember, duck-face will never be attractive. Guys will spend money on one short show to have a good laugh at how ridiculous this looks. Having fillers to make lips look fuller is excellent, but please do not make yourself look like you just came off the boxing ring. Natural is beautiful. Everything you do, do it in moderation.

Cam modeling job can be tiring, lonely, and energy consuming. There is a lot of competition and jealousy. Use your energy to grow your brand, be unique and professional, set a target, and create engaging room scenarios. Concentrate on you.

CamCashDaily, your model studio, sincerely cares about all our models’ welfare and well-being. Don’t forget that our team works around the clock to support your technical issues and help you with more personal matters. 

Remember, You are a beautiful and exceptional person, just the way you are. Keep on smiling, and money will be flowing into your account.

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