How to be a cam girl – the big guide

How to be a cam girl (or cam guy) – the big guide.

You have decided you want to become a webcam mode… so now what? This guide is the ultimate ‘how to be a cam girl’ workbook for you to follow step by step.

What is a webcam model?

A webcam model (or cammodel as Twitter calls us) is an online entertainer. Being a cam girl (or cam guy, or cam couple) involves chatting to online viewers using your webcam.

Cam models get paid to perform to a viewer’s individual requests. That might be as simple as chatting about the weather or the top sports matches, or it might be to act out a specific fantasy. Webcam models can sometimes perform nude, but there is no requirement to do so (and you can read all about becoming a non-nude cam model in our separate guide).

The really important thing is that you set your own limits as a webcam model and only perform the type of webcam shows that you are comfortable with.

How much do cam girls make?

Most sites will give vague answers such as ‘up to $1,000 per day’. The truth is, webcam model earnings do vary hugely, but not for the reasons you might think.

An average beginner webcam model will make around $30 per hour. You can read more about our own data on average earnings here. Models who don’t put much effort into their webcam career will stick around this number. Those cam models who follow this guide will almost certainly rise far above this number.

A successful webcam model will typically make $50-$100 per hour. These models take care about their video quality, lighting and using audio to chat to their viewers. Being a successful webcam model does not mean being the most beautiful or ‘perfect’ looking model, it means letting your personality shine through.

Top webcam models will earn more than $100 per hour and in some cases will make $200-$500 per hour. Top webcam models can make $10,000+ per week. These models will focus on keeping a regular work schedule and really treating their webcam job as a business.

Webcam model jobs.

Being a webcam model is a job like any other. You give your time and energy in return for payment. Webcam gigs are generally nicer than most other jobs in that being a cam girl or cam model means you can work from home, choose your own hours and receive a much higher rate of pay than other online jobs.

Webcam jobs that pay hourly don’t really exist, but on average a newbie webcam model on our network can expect to make around $30-50 per hour on our network. If you become a successful model you will make more like $150-200 per hour.

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Why you should become a webcam model with Cam Cash Daily.

There are lots of reasons why you should choose Cam Cash Daily to become a webcam model with. Firstly, we are one of the few companies to pay our webcam models daily. Most cam model websites issue payments to their camgirls and camguys once or twice per month, with a long delay from the end of the pay period to actually getting your money. We don’t think that’s fair, and so we send our webcam model payments each business day (Monday-Friday) subject to a low minimum payout (which is country dependent).

A really huge reason why you should sign up with Cam Cash Daily is that by going online on our network you will automatically appear on over 2000 webcam sites at once. All the viewers are provided for you, so you don’t have to worry about where to advertise yourself as a camgirl or camguy.

Finally, because our network is incredibly busy with viewers from all over the world, our webcam models can make up to $10,000 per week. We pay your earnings direct to your bank account each day so no matter how many thousands of dollars you earn per week, you will never have to wait long for your money.

Protecting your privacy as a cam girl or cam guy.

We take your privacy very seriously. We are one of the very few networks to provide you with a way to block viewers from the regions you choose. For example, you might want to block out people from your home state from being able to see your cam model profile.

We provide you with a geographical restrictions page on your dashboard for you to select up to five regions to block from your webcam chat. People in these regions will then not be able to see your webcam model profile at all.

Before you start – requirements.

Everyone over 18 (with valid photo ID) – women, men, transgender individuals and couples can all become webcam models (as long as it is lawful in your country of residence).

What’s more, we place absolutely no ‘looks’ requirements on our cam models. Some camming sites require that their cam models have a particular level of conventional ‘attractiveness’. We find that our viewers have a range of tastes and there is no particular ‘look’ that is better than any other.

We accept models with alternative looks, bbw webcam models, fetish cam models, disability webcam models, and all types of shapes, sizes and appearances. We find that as long as your webcam broadcast is clear and you use your mic to chat to viewers, you will do well regardless of how you look.

Sign up here when  you are ready to give it a try.

Before you start – equipment.

To become a cam model you will need a computer (pc, laptop or Mac), high speed internet, webcam and a space to perform with decent lighting. If you don’t have a computer then you can start from your smartphone or tablet and then upgrade later.

Becoming a webcam model – choose a model name.

This is a much more important step than a lot of people realise when they set out to be a cam girl or cam guy. Your ‘stage’ name will be your brand and choosing a good alias is the first step to treating being a cam model as a real job (and earning a real income).

When viewers choose which webcam model to chat to, they usually want to speak with a cam girl or cam guy they feel they can have a connection with. If you want to get paid to webcam then building up a ‘rapport’ or connection with your viewers is how you will earn a really good living as a top webcam model.

The first step to forming this connection is before the viewer even enters your room. They will see a name that they can associate with you. If you pick a stage name that sounds ‘fake’ then they are instantly going to have a negative impression of you. It’s the same if you pick a username that just describes some feature (eg, bigbusty or longdick). You don’t want to just be some general descriptive feature, you want to come across as a real person who just happens to be working as a webcam model.

This means you should pick a username which looks real, but importantly it must not be anything like your actual real name. Remember, your privacy is the top priority. Choose a cam model name which you like. You have to be comfortable with your viewers calling you by that name. Perhaps the name of one of your childhood best friends or the middle name of your favourite singer? If you are really stuck use a random name generator like

Becoming a webcam model – sign up.

Once you are ready to start the process to become a webcam model just go to our sign up form – become a model, and fill in the steps. We will get back to you within 24 hours with your login information.

Completing your cam model profile.

Once we have sent you your login information you will need to fill out your profile.

There are some basic admin steps you will need to complete first:

  • Upload a picture of your ID. Please make sure the picture you take doesn’t have any glare and that all the information is clearly readable. The best way to do this is to place your ID on a surface such as a table and use your mobile phone to take the picture.
  • Upload a picture of you holding your ID, with your head visible next to it. Set up your phone in front of you with a timer on the photo. Make sure the lighting on the photo is good so that your ID is readable.
  • E-sign the agreement. You should use your legal name as it appears on your ID.
  • Note that none of these items (your ID, ID picture or agreement) are ever shown to viewers. They are just used to set up your account.

Next, you will need to complete your profile as it will appear on the webcam model site for viewers to see:

  • Choose a profile picture. You will need a clear picture (perhaps taken with your phone?) that includes no one other yourself (unless you have registered as a couple account, in which case both of you should appear).
  • Your photo must not be a ‘mirror’ selfie so don’t use your phone to take a photo of yourself in the mirror.
  • You also can’t use any snapchat style filters on your photo and please don’t include any writing.
  • For the written part of your profile, this starts off with some basic information such as your measurements and display age (you don’t have to put your real age here).
  • It then goes on to ask for some categories you would like to appear in and some information about you and your show.
  • You should write short paragraphs answering each question. If you aren’t sure what to write think about the sort of person you might like to talk to and the sort of things you would like to talk about.
  • If you are really stuck you can just talk about how you are a new cam model and that you are looking forward to trying it out and learning what webcam modelling is all about. You can always go back and change your webcam model profile later if you like.
  • Please make sure you don’t put any ‘taboo’ references in your profile. You also cannot make references to drugs or alcohol.

Getting started as a cam model – preparing your space.

The first step to creating a lucrative webcamming space is to make sure the area which can be seen on camera is clean and tidy. Any clutter in the picture is going to be distracting for your viewers, meaning they are less likely to spend their money with you.

Light spaces tend to look the best, with clean neutral colours (think plain light bed linen etc).

Lighting is the most important aspect of your webcam room. Make sure the light is in front of you rather than behind you. Natural light is best during the day, but when this isn’t possible you will need to have a 3-point lighting system. To start with you can use lamps to create this effect. Place one directly in front of you pointing towards you, and one either side of your webcam – a little distance away – again pointing towards you. It’s important not to light your webcam work area just from above and/or behind as this will create unflattering shadows.

The next thing to do is make sure you have a flat and stable surface to put your webcam on. If you are placing your webcam on top of your laptop be sure to put your laptop on a stable surface. This needs to be something like a table and not a bed or couch. Any little wobbles in the camera will appear as big earthquake style shakes to your webcam viewer.

Getting started as a cam girl – using the software.

On the CamCashDaily network you have two choices for how to get online. You can use a PC/Mac/laptop or you can use your phone/tablet to webcam model from.

Using a computer / laptop / Mac:

Our webcam model software is built in to our website so you just open it from your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and click ‘go online’.

The software automatically detects your computer, internet and webcam capability and adjusts the settings itself so you don’t have to worry about choosing the correct settings for your equipment.

Cam modelling from a phone / tablet:

We are one of the very few networks to give you full streaming access from your mobile phone / tablet.

Webcam modelling on your phone or mobile device is super easy, you just use your phone to login as normal and the streaming page comes up for you to get online.

Your first shift as a webcam model – what to expect.

The first time you get online once you become a webcam model can be a little daunting. The best thing to do is literally just get on and try it. Don’t worry too much about how you look or what you are wearing. Just get your cam space set up and give it a try.

As a new cam girl you might find that you go through periods of time when not many viewers enter your room. Don’t worry about this. As long as your webcam feed looks fine (we show you how to check it) your ‘ranking’ on the cam website will start to increase as you get online more and perform more shows. The higher your ranking the more visible you are on the webcam page and the more viewers you will get entering your cam room.

The huge majority of your viewers will be nice and polite. However, just like with any other internet page where people can interact with others, some people enjoy being rude just for the sake of it. Try not to let these viewers bother you, they are there to try to get a reaction from you. We provide a way for you to kick them out of your room, so you can just block them and forget about them.

What to do on webcam.

The simple answer to what to do as a webcam model is just do what you feel comfortable with. You are entirely free to set up your own limits, and your own specialities!

With that being said, webcam models tend to either perform sexual shows for viewers, or else they tend to be non-nude webcam models. There is some crossover, with fetish webcam models (who make up a large proportion of high earning cam girls) performing sexualised webcam shows without necessarily engaging in any sexual acts themselves.

When a viewer first enters your chat room the first thing all webcam models should do is to greet them (by name if you can – we give you a handy ‘notes’ section where you can attach notes to each individual viewer) and ask them how they are. You can spend a few minutes having a general conversation about how you are and what is going on (eg sports, news, things happening in your day to day life etc). It is then time to ask the viewer what they are in the mood for, or if you prefer you can take the lead and make a suggestion on how you would like to spend your time on webcam together.

Webcam jobs as a business.

A webcam job is a business just like any other. That means you need to take it seriously and treat being a webcam model as a career (even if you only do it for a short time).

It will generally take some time before you start to see your business grow to be successful. This applies to webcam work just like it does to any other online job.

Repeat buyers (in our case viewers) are important. If you can build up some regular viewers then your weekly webcam earnings will quickly start to multiply up.

Being a cam girl or cam guy is essentially a customer service job. You will be more successful if you come across as friendly and warm than if you are cold or unfriendly. A smile goes a long long way towards making your viewers feel welcome in your webcam room.

Tech stuff – checking your video feed.

The better your webcam feed looks the more money you will make as a webcam model. Viewers now expect to see HD webcams with a crisp and clear picture and great quality sound. We will show you how to check your webcam feed yourself so that you can monitor how well your broadcast is coming through. We also suggest you ask your viewers if they can see and hear you ok every time you get online.

Our webcam software is designed to maximise the quality of your webcam stream every time you work. The better quality your webcam, the higher speed your internet and the more powerful your computer, the better your viewers will be able to see your show. The better they can see you, the longer they will stay. The longer your viewers stay, the more money you make.

As you gain more experience on webcam and start to make a good webcam model salary, it is worth upgrading your equipment to build on your success and grow your camming income.

How often should you work as a webcam model?

Being a cam model is a webcam job so treat it like you would any regular work and set a schedule (and then stick to it).

Keeping to a webcam work schedule means that your viewers will know when they can catch you online and will be more likely to find you. This is very important when it comes to building up those all-important regular spenders.

Try to work at least 20 hours per week. If you can, get online at least 4 or 5 days per week. Webcam viewers prefer cam models who they can build up a connection with, so if you aren’t around often then they won’t feel that they will be able to really get to know you.

What hours should you log in?

A webcam job doesn’t have set hours, so you can choose what works for you around your lifestyle. With that said, try to keep your hours consistent so that regular viewers know when to find you. As the network is global there are no ‘good’ times and ‘bad’ times to webcam, but you can assume that you are likely to get more viewers at times when your clients are at home rather than at work (think early mornings, evenings and late nights). If you can only work in the daytime then do so – there will still be plenty of viewers ready to pay for your time.

Guide to being a cam model.

We hope you enjoyed this seriously big guide to becomming a cam model. If you are ready to get started on your cam model career then please click here.

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