How to make money online with a paid webcam job

How to make money online with a paid webcam job

Paid webcam jobs can be a great way to make money online. All you need is a quiet and private space and either a laptop/pc with a webcam or even just your smartphone. Yes, you can use fancy props and outfits as a cam model, but while you are just starting out we suggest you keep it simple and just get used to getting online and having fun. You can always buy more props once you are raking in the cash!

Paid webcam jobs are flexible enough to be done part time or full time. You can also choose to be a camgirl for just a few weeks in order to improve your financial situation, or you may choose to build a whole career as an online cam model.

And it’s not just hot women who make a great income as webcam models. Lots of men are now choosing to offer webcam shows as a way of making money online. From our own experience we can say that men can definitely make money as cam models and some are able to do as well as top female camgirls.

We often get asked: ‘Do I need to look like a model to be a cam girl?’ or ‘Do I have to be attractive to make money as a cam model?’ The answer is simple. No.

The best way to make money with a paid webcam job is to focus on your own best features. This may be your super hot model looks, but for a lot of people it will be something else. You might have a wobbly ass or big tits? Or, you might have really great small tits? Tell a good joke? Focus on that! Love sports talk? – so do lots of guys. If you let your personality shine through then viewers will want to connect with you. Remember that viewers will find you attractive in ways you haven’t even realised yet.

Alternative body shapes and looks often do really well on webcam. That’s because there is a niche for literally every type of appearance you can think of. For example, if you are of a curvier or bbw build then you can really show that off as a great feature and viewers will love you for both your shape and your confidence.

Can you be a camgirl if you have a disability? Yes, of course you can. If you are able to operate a smartphone or laptop/pc (including with accessibility features) then you can be a webcam model. If your disability is visible then you may decide to focus on it as something which sets you apart from other models.

Paid webcam jobs – top tips to make more money

The most successful webcam models all have a few things in common. Firstly, they log in for more than just a few hours per week (think consistently logging in for at least 10-15 hours per week). Those who work at least 20 hours per week tend to become the highest rated cam models.

Another common factor amongst successful cam girls is that they all use audio to better connect with their viewers. Using your voice to chat directly with viewers rather than typing gives a much more personal feel to the chat and draws customers closer to you. In turn, they will feel like spending more time (and money) with you.

The last thing you will notice is shared by all of the highest earning camgirls is that they have a clean and brightly lit cam space to work from. This doesn’t need to be a dedicated room in your house. As long as you have a well lit space that you can move in easily you will be able to match the best cam models. Ensure that no one else (including pets) will enter the space while you are camming, and try to set up a ‘three-point’ lighting system with a light directly in front of you (shining towards you) and two other lights out to the sides but again in front of you and pointing towards you.

Types of online earnings for paid webcam jobs

The biggest way to earn money online as a paid webcam model is through private group and one-on-one shows. Group shows can often be the most lucrative as each viewer will pay a per-minute rate to be in your group room. Only paying viewers can see and hear you during the chat. In an exclusive one-on-one show only one viewer can see your room and so you should set your rates a bit higher to reflect the fact that you will only be getting one paying viewer for the duration of that show. On our network you set your rates yourself so you remain in full control of how much you charge your viewers.

Another way of making money is through tips. Anytime you are online viewers can tip you to show your appreciation. You are able to set a tip menu if you like, whereby you can give a list of things you will do in your room in return for tips. No nudity is allowed in free chat, so viewers will still need to take you to a private room if you are going to do that sort of show for them.

Your loyal fans can also pay to join your ‘fan club’. You set a monthly subscription amount for your fan club and then place special features like photos and videos that only your fans will have access to. This enables you to earn extra money even when you are offline.

You can also set up videos outside your fan club which viewers can pay to watch. Again, this provides an extra way to make money during times when you aren’t on cam.

Protecting your privacy as a cam girl or webcam model

One of the concerns you might have before starting out as a webcam model is that your friends and family could see your online profile. Your privacy is of prime importance to us, so if you sign up with us we make sure you can block geographical areas of your choice (at any level from whole countries downwards). This prevents people from those areas from being able to view your profile, webcam stream or pictures online.

We also ask that you don’t give out any personal information to your viewers and that your username is completely different from your real name. This is in order to protect your privacy online. We suggest that if you do have any social media accounts to use in relation to your camming career that you keep them completely separate from your own personal accounts, including using different images / photos.

Off-site ways to make money as a webcam model

There are some ways you might use your paid webcam job as a way of boosting your earnings on other platforms.

For example, OnlyFans is in the news a lot at the moment as a way for people to earn money online. The thing is, an OnlyFans account isn’t marketed for you and so you have to find all your subscribers yourself. Although you aren’t allowed to specifically mention your OnlyFans or social media accounts while you are on cam, it is likely that any viewers who want to find your camming persona will look for you on these platforms and subscribe to you. Similarly, you may decide to create a premium Snapchat where your webcam fans can sign up to receive more content from you. Again, you would need to be careful not to mention this in your actual cam room or profile, but viewers will look for you if they are interested.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to make money online with a paid webcam job. Check out our other posts for more information on how to be a camgirl or webcam model and when you are ready you can get started here.