Cam Model’s issues: Dealing with “slow days” 

Important fact that you should learn as a camgirl is how to look at a lack of traffic, slow days, and failure to reach your daily target. Being able to separate yourself from failures will enable you not only to avoid unnecessary emotional suffering, but it will also allow you to grow in ways that you would not have otherwise. 

 You are going to need to learn to handle difficulties, whether that’s by coping emotionally or financially. Always ask if not sure. Sometimes you really put yourself out there and no one is in the chat. Or just wearing your tank top, no make-up on and logging for a quick 30 minutes, but eventually staying  for hours, as your room is buzzing with spenders. Or Mr.Sunshine joins you exclusively and spends a great amount of money on you, just because you are amazing. The reality of the job is that there are going to be days that make you feel like a Superstar or days that just suck. And the only thing you can do about it is to always be at your best when streaming and hope that your viewers will enjoy your performances and spend on you. 

My advice is this: if you are crying on slow days because you are convinced that it is your hair, teeth, your outfit or your voice, love handles or any other reason you have decided to blame the lack of members and income on, stop. Remember that you still had that detail on days when you did make tons of cash. If it didn’t bother you when you were topping the charts, it should not bother you when you’re not winning. You are the same person on days where you succeed and days where you don’t. 

If possible, when the flow is slow, try to set a different schedule, so you can test if it was bad timing. Early mornings or graveyard shifts are not prime time, but our top sellers are swearing by this schedule. So test, test, and test. 

You should have the ability to be grateful for who you are and what you do. You can provide for your family and finally make ends meet or make your dreams come true. It is important to set personal goals and celebrate when you reach those goals! 

 STOP wasting energy crying over “failures” that are not yours’s. Stop blaming yourself. The only blame you can take is for not getting online as per planned schedule and not using this fantastic opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home.  

Brush yourself off. Get up. Go for a walk, run, swim, have an ice-cream and come back when you’re feeling better. And learn to love yourself. With great confidence comes success. 

p.s. and set that schedule xx 

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