How to set up an online account with

By being part of the Adult Entertainment Industry, you can face payment issues very often. Consequently, the need for an online payment system is critical to the business’s survival, as nowadays, it’s all about the online experience. 

It is important to note that most existing, strong payment organisations are mainstream. It is clearly stated in their rules and regulations that all transactions related to the Adult field can be frozen and cancelled.

In searching for a convenient, fast, and adult-friendly online payment solution, we came across, a system already used by many sites in the Industry.

Here is essential info about Cosmo, from how to set up your account to what we need from you to execute daily payments to your account.

Cosmo Payment is a leading provider of global payment solutions. You can access your funds instantly by using a debit card at any ATM, shopping online and in retail locations, or transferring funds to other cardholders or your bank account. With over two decades of experience, our dynamic payment platform operates in various industries and provides excellent flexibility to support your every payment need.

Steps to follow

Sign up for an account in under a minute and receive payments immediately. You will need an identification document.

  • Get a Debit Card

Request virtual and plastic debit cards for online and in-store purchases, as well as international ATM withdrawals. With plastic, life gets much easier, as you will not need to transfer funds to your main account but use it for all transactions.

  • Send Bank Transfers

Send money from your Cosmo Payment account directly to your local bank account. When you don’t hold a card, you can transfer money to your primary bank account by setting your name and bank details into the receiver fields.

  • Manage Your Money

Stay on top of your account with an online banking portal and mobile app, allowing you to review transaction history, check balances, and more. Here you can narrow your daily payments coming in from CamCashDaily.

  • Send to CamCashDaily accounting your SAN number

SAN – Secure/Secondary Account Number, the 9 or 10 digit number found on the back of the prepaid card. You can safely share this number to your payers and anyone who wishes to send you funds.

We will need your SAN number once your Cosmo account is set up and created. Please send it to [email protected] once you receive it from Cosmo support team.

Your earnings will be executed daily, Monday to Friday, once minimum threshold amount for your region is reached.

For any inquiries, reach out to [email protected] or our skype camcashdaily

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