How can Cam Model monetize content and make extra income?

Cam Models content monetisation

Regardless of origin, you have heard this saying: “never put all your eggs in one basket.” This means one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area. It is good to research and find multiple channels to make more money.

How to monetize on your streaming platform

As a verified CamCashDaily model with an active account, you can upload images and videos to your Media.

Media Manager is located on your dashboard. Remember, images cannot be sold here, but upload a couple of casual photos just for a tempting preview.

Videos longer than 10 seconds can be sold through Media Manager. Set prices as per content duration and creativity.

Images and videos can be attached to private or mass messages.

If you streamed a while ago and plan to do a show, send a mass message to all your users, informing them of the time you will be on, and attach a short 5 secs video or hot image to the message. This is a reminder of the great times you had together 😊

In the messenger, you can sell images and videos as per request or send individually to your regulars and offer them to buy your latest content.

Set up Fan Club and offer discounted videos, along with other monthly offers.

Add images or videos to your Gold Menu. Once the user tips the requested amount, send him the purchased items through private message.

If you have uploaded new content, promote it on your bio, social media, and forums. Spread the word and do your marketing.

Paid shows can be recorded and sold (after being approved for sale by the moderators) as attachments through DMs or on the media manager.

How to monetise content as Cam model?

How to monetize off the streaming platform?

There is a thin line between Cam Model and content creator. Every professional Cam Model knows shows need to be engaging and entertaining, so good scenarios connected to the niche are necessary.

When you are all made up and ready to start your stream, create some content by recording short videos and shooting lovely images. If you already don’t have an account on one of many sites for content monetization, you should create one, upload it daily, and see how it goes. Most of the top cam models are prominent content creators as well.

The amount of money a creator can make is tied directly to how many followers they have, so you cannot create an account and expect people to come in, like when you are streaming.

Here, we can help you as well!

Coming soon is a brand-new site called CreatorTraffic that can help you promote your account with free or paid ads plans.

More info on how to become verified CreatorTraffic model will be published in our next article.Stay tuned.

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