How to avoid fraud as a Cam Model? 

How to avoid fraud as a Cam Model?

Security and privacy are essential in the Adult Industry. We can be ourselves, entertain and express our minds freely only when we know our data and identity are and will stay secure. A Cam Model’s true identity must be kept safe on the streaming platform(s) and on any social media platform with an account connected to the adult niche.  

Remember, always create separate accounts on social media. Refrain from mixing private information with your online content.  

Why is it essential to protect identity as a Cam Model?  

People steal other people’s content or share it as theirs without the owner’s consent, plus Identity theft has made everyone very cautious online.  

Models need to be aware of what personal information is shared online. Having your account’s security and sharing settings private is super important.  

Best ways to protect yourself from online frauds 

Here are some suggestions you can implement right away to avoid security issues 

1) Strong passwords for the win  

 Choosing a solid password can go a long way in protecting you and your account.   

Remember that your password should not contain personal information about yourself, such as your birthday. Passwords containing birthdates are straightforward to guess.   

Apart from keeping strong passwords that are not easy to crack, ensure you update your password every few months.  

2) Keep it to yourself  

In the flow of things, it is very easy to reveal private information. It’s great to be chatty and friendly with members online, but limit how much info you want to share with this person (s). Create a new persona that does not resemble yourself and build the stories around it. Unfortunately, a simple slip of the tongue can have damning consequences on the internet, with topics involving where you live, study, and which cafes you visit. If you are in New York, say that you are in San Francisco, moving to Hawaii next month! 

3) Keep your phone info safe  

If there is one item that is the centerpiece of all our lives, it is our mobile phone. It has all our pictures and is a gateway to staying in touch with family, friends, and work. Everything is configured on these precious little devices, from OTT accounts to bank accounts.   

Unfortunately, it is also a gateway to all our private information. Keep your phone number safe at all times and beware of the links you click.  

Pointing the phone screen directly to the camera will lead to the immediate closure of the account. 

4) Phishing attacks  

Phishing is when the attacker sends fraud messages to trick the receiver into revealing sensitive information. Phishing can occur via direct messages, and identity theft is the endgame for many such attackers.  

5) Protect yourself with the right antivirus software  

Up-to-date antivirus software provides you with much-needed protection. They also alert you when you click on a link redirecting you to a suspicious third-party website.  

6) Use a stage name (of course!) 

It would help if you never used your real name on a streaming platform for security reasons, not even as a part of your email, or password. Instead, use a stage/performer/artist name.   

In many cases, a stage name works better because, apart from keeping your identity hidden, you can better convey your niche. Using a stage name is a common practice in the entertainment industry.  

8) Use a private email for your account  

Always use separate, private email when creating your model account. Use this separate email only for streaming and nothing else.  

9) Protect yourself from hackers  

Like phishing, hackers will approach you via DMs, offering you an easy job. They will spend money in paid chats and ask for nothing in return, aiming for the platform payment system’s back-end information. Be careful; not only will your account be closed, but your money will also be taken back, and the studio will pay huge penalties. Please report any activity that sounds” too good to be true .”Protect yourself, but as well your studio.  

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