Equipment required for successful Camming

Equipment required for successful Camming

Congratulations. You have decided to become a webcam model, made a first step, and signed up with CamCashDaily. Now, what do you need to succeed? Just a camera and pretty face? That is far from true. Add great personality and equipment, and we are on the right direction to make that BIG buck.

Just like with every job, being a camgirl requires hard work and dedication.
 If you’re new to the business, getting the correct equipment will keep your audience intrigued and coming back for more, which is what every model strives to achieve.

Now, let’s see what webcam equipment you’ll need:


If you do not own a webcam, you will need to buy one. Using the cam on your laptop might not be a smart move because the quality of the stream will not be good enough, depending on the build-in webcam. Please check the technical description of your laptop webcam.

You will need a USB HD webcam that can stream 720p videos and above. These webcams usually cost up to $120. Although that may sound a bit expensive, especially if you are strapped for cash, buying a quality webcam will make the payoff better than you expected!

These are some of the most recommended ones:

  • Logitech HD C270 ― best webcam for beginners
  • Logitech C920 ― best budget webcam
  • Logitech C922x ― best professional quality video streaming webcam


These are the basic webcam equipment requirements:

  • High-speed internet connection (at least 10Mbps)
  • Microphone
  • Good lighting
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

A quality, high-speed connection is crucial for webcamming. You don’t want any interruptions in the middle of your sessions. Obviously, a dial-up connection is out of the question since it’s too slow. Furthermore, you should consider using an ethernet cable rather than a Wi-Fi connection, as Wi-Fi tends to lose signal.

While you’re out buying your webcam, you might also want to check out some microphones. Although your webcam does have one built-in, it’s always better to buy a separate one. You can find a quality microphone for up to $100. Here are some models found on Amazon (all under $50)

  • USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK professional 192KHZ/24Bit
  • USB Microphone for Computer PC NLL Podcast Condenser Microphone Kit for Streaming
  • USB Microphone, TONOR Computer Condenser PC Gaming Mic with Tripod Stand & Pop Filter for Streaming, Podcasting, Vocal Recording, Compatible with Laptop Desktop Windows Computer, TC-777

Even if your room has substantial lighting, you will need to set up additional lights to make the video look as professional as possible. The best solution is to use a 3-point lighting system.
 Three-point lighting is the standard form of professional lighting in video production and photography. It involves using three light sources placed in three different positions (directly above head, full light, 300 Watts minimum, one light behind the camera at 45% and one light behind your back, at 45% again). By playing with the size, distance, intensity, and position of these light sources, including their degree angle, it is possible to create different moods. Most important you will be seen. You can buy a professional setup online, or you can even make one yourself.
Lately, most of the models use ring light and, here are some recommendations, found on Amazon website (all under $50)

·       6 Inch LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand, Dimmable Ring Light with 127 cm Adjustable Stick Stand Selfie Livestream Flash Unit Lighting for Makeup Photography Outdoor Video Camera (3 Light Modes)

  •  Ring light laptop, video conference light lighting set with clip and tripod, upgrade ring light laptop video conference light LED ring light with clip, dimmable for video streaming, video calling, meeting
  • Ring Light, 6.3 Inch Selfie LED Light Ring Light, Video Conference Lighting Set, Zoom Light, Webcam Light, Ring Lamp with Clip, RGB Ring Light, Ring Light for Laptop, Tiktok Video Calls Live Stream

Although buying a wireless keyboard and mouse is completely optional, it can do wonders when it comes to the quality of your performance. You won’t have to sit at your computer for the entire stream.

Remember, every piece of equipment is important. Finding the best webcam, high internet speed, setting up your 3-point lighting system, will ensure you provide the best webcam modeling show to your audience.