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Webcam model requirements:


PC / Laptop / Phone / Tablet

Any modern computer or laptop which runs either Windows or Mac OS will be perfect to start with. You can even start with your phone or tablet. Once you are earning good money we suggest you upgrade to an i7 (or equivalent) computer with at least 4GB Ram.



You can start out as a webcam model with any webcam, including a built-in laptop webcam. Once you have started making good money we suggest a widescreen HD quality webcam such as the Logitech pro 930.


Internet Connection

Our software is designed to adapt to your internet connection. However, the faster your upload connection the better your video quality will be. We suggest you ask your provider to upgrade you to the best available upload speed in your area.


Proof of Age ID

In order to be a webcam model you are required to prove that you are over 18 with government-issued photo identification. This is a legal requirement so please ensure the documents you provide can be read clearly.

Become a webcam model in 3 easy steps!

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