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Cam Model Frequently Asked Questions

What is a webcam model?

A webcam model is an online entertainer who provides a live and interactive video chat show. Viewers may make requests which the model can choose to accept or not.

Webcam models typically engage in flirtatious chats with viewers. Some models choose to tease and chat, some choose to pose nude, whilst others express a more dominant side of their personality. The choice is yours!

Is it free to sign up?

Of course it is absolutely free to sign up. You earn money and we pay you!

How much can I earn?

Top models can earn up to $10,000 a week!

You choose how much to charge and how many hours to work each week. Beginner models can expect to make around $30-100 per hour.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to receive your payments daily or weekly (see the sign up form). Weekly payments are sent on a Friday for the previous week’s earnings. We have a range of payment methods including check, bank transfer and pre-paid card.

Daily payments are made every business day (Monday-Friday) direct to your bank account, for the previous day (or weekend’s) earnings.

Most USA/CAN models can expect their banks to process payments the next working day. UK/EUR models can expect to be able to withdraw funds on the same day they are paid.

What are the requirements?

To be a webcam model you must be over 18 with a computer/laptop (or start with your phone or tablet if you don’t have a PC or laptop), webcam and internet connection.

Can I work whenever I want?

You can work whenever and wherever you like. You are the boss and you decide when you want to log in and how long for.

How is my privacy protected?

We never disclose your personal information to viewers. We only use the information you provide to us for admin purposes to set up your account and to pay you.

Can I block viewers from certain areas?

Yes, you can block viewers from up to 5 states, areas, cities or even whole countries from seeing your webcam.

Does webcamming show on my bank statements?

We use a neutral sounding company to issue payments, so nothing on your statements will have any reference to webcam work or to online modelling.

What about taxes?

As a webcam model you are an independent contractor and you are responsible for filing your own taxes.

Do you have any tips for success?

Our most successful models log in regularly to build up a fan base and use audio at all times rather than typing (though if you are unable to use audio this should not stop you from being a webcam model).

You should also try to keep your webcam still (so don’t put your laptop on a soft surface like a bed or sofa). Finally, make sure you have good lighting pointing towards you rather than from behind you.

That's great, where do I start?

You can sign up to be a webcam model HERE.

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